Review: Capresso Infinity burr grinder

At first, I was very happy with this grinder. It does a great job of producing a uniform grind. But then I started to notice that the fineness of grind would slowly change as I went through several cups of coffee. With use, the accumulated coffee dust must either misalign the burrs or clog the teeth. Whatever the reason, the fineness of the grind slowly but definitely changes with repeated use. After you clean it you start all over again. After a while I learned to just adjust the grind to compensate for this.

However, a second, even bigger, design flaw and one that is inexcusable is the fact that the delivery mechanism that takes coffee from the grinders to the bucket holds enough coffee for a single shot of espresso! In other words, when you grind enough coffee for one shot, you’re not getting the coffee you just ground, you’re getting the coffee that was ground up last time! Apparently, they expect you to not use the capacity of the hopper and grind only what you plan to use all the way through the system every time. But then why have a hopper to begin with?

Ground coffee does not do well when exposed to air, and so if you notice that subsequent cups of coffee made with this machine start to taste bad, you’ll know why. Using this product correctly is incredibly inconvenient, and requires a lot of cleaning and dumping in beans every time you want to use it. As good as some of the features of this are, I can’t recommend it. This tends to get great reviews, but I can’t help but think that the folks who love it are probably not aware of the fact that the perfect grind coming out of their beloved machine was probably ground the day before.

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