A father and son talk politics

From a recent instant message chat with my father. I don’t know why I find this amusing. I think it’s how it ends. The only background you need to know, to protect the innocent, is that my father is a life long Democrat. He tried to raise me right, so don’t hold him accountable for me.

me: well, one of the advantages is that you don’t have to insure your employees if you’re below a certain size.
everybody just gets major medical.
on their own.
rbirge322: and that costs an arm and a leg4:59 PM me: it’s not that bad.i had to get it for a few months when i was between colorlink and schoolrbirge322: it is if you are trying to get if for a family with an existing major medical conditionrbirge322: if almost cleaned Pop out5:00 PM me: one of the reasons i think we probably should get universal health care even though i’m a libertarian.rbirge322: and he never, ever complained to anyone- just sold his assets to keep Mom going5:01 PM me: why didn’t she have insurance before her medical problems?rbirge322: She did but through Hudson’s Bay, which was terminated when he left (forced out)5:03 PM me: did he not get her set up with another insurance quickly enough?5:04 PM rbirge322: yes, the democrats are rightme: shit. that sucks.but i have to admit, this health insurance thing is a bear of a problem.5:05 PM the democrats may eliminate problems like granny had, but they may very well bankrupt our country with the expense of having the government do it.me: the republicans will probably leave a few million without insurance, but maybe we’ll have enough money left over to have fun on the weekends.
5:13 PM me: it’s pretty sad when a libertarian is turned into a democrat.
probably the sign the end of our empire is near.
5:15 PM rbirge322: The empire has been in serious decline since Bush took office, and he has essentially done us in. History will long remember his contributions to our decline.
5:21 PM me: hell, we were in decline long before that, or at least the fix was in long before that.
like all empires, we got too soft, and that’s been happening a long time.
since the 60s, at least.
in some ways, WWII was the worst thing that happened to us. it made life too easy for us.
5:22 PM rbirge322: we sure were great duing WWII. Thats when this country reached its Zenith.
5:25 PM me: yup. sad that the top is always the beginning of the slide down.
dynamics are so depressing.
5:26 PM makes you just want to sit around in your underwear and watch “Midway”
rbirge322: things always go in cycles, so perhaps in the not too distant future we will start back up again
me: how’s that cycle going for the romans? 🙂
rbirge322: Midway is one of my favorite movies

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