Dammit Campbells, what am I missing?

“Mmm, mmm, Campbell’s Soup–Possibilities.” That infernal commercials jingo has infected my mind and torments my soul. There is nowhere I can hide from its taunting refrain, nothing I can do to stop it from springing forth into my consciousness, uninvited, mocking me. Soup. Possibilities.

What the bloody hell am I missing? For years I’ve just been following a simple recipe when it comes to soup: Open can. Poor contents into pot. Heat. Consume. No matter how many times I go through the numbers in my head, I can’t come up with anything other than pouring it into a receptacle and eating it. What are these possibilities? Are they still talking food, or other stuff? Is there something kinky you can do with Clam Chowder that everybody knows but me? Is that why the lady in the commercial winks at the end?

4 responses to “Dammit Campbells, what am I missing?”

  1. Hey, Cliff! Thanks for stopping by and subjecting yourself to the physical manifestation of my misanthropy. And I couldn’t agree more about Quiznos’ commercial. I can’t bring myself to eat there because of it.

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