Problems with video resolution resetting after wake in Vista?

Ah, the fun with Vista continues. For the longest, most infuriating time, my screen settings would completely reset after my Dell Latitude D620 laptop would come out of sleep. It appears that the problem was with the Intel integrated graphics drivers. Is that Microsoft’s fault for doing something dumb in Vista, or Intel’s fault? I don’t care. The problem has been fixed by a driver upgrade from Intel.

So, I thought I’d put up this quick post in case other people have been having the same problems with their laptops running Vista. Check to see if your laptop uses the Intel 945 graphics chip. If so, your problems might be solved by upgrading to the latest driver. For your convenience, here is a link to the drivers from Dell’s FTP server:

Intel 945 Vista 32 bit drivers

Sorry this wasn’t a very fun post, but sometimes you gotta pay the bills.

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