More news from the iPhone public beta: Don’t count on the alarm!

I had plenty of time to write this, because I missed class today. The reason I missed class was that my iPhone’s alarm never went off.

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was “You know, I feel way too good for a guy who’s only gotten four hours of sleep.” I then clicked the home button on my iPhone to check what time it was. I was not happy, not happy at all, to find that it was thirty minutes past the start of class and two hours after the alarm was supposed to go off.

As if to mock me, the alarm then finally starts to go off!

I checked online, and this is happening to other people, too. Apparently, if anything else triggers a notification (like a text message or calendar notification) the alarm will not fire until those notifications are seen. I’m not sure if this is what happened to me (I was pretty groggy) but it fits the observations of others that when an alarm is missed, it suddenly goes off when you wake up the iPhone.

So, we can add one more bug to the list of reception problems, crashing apps, crashing browser, etc. in the Apple public beta test that is the iPhone 3G.

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