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  • Airline pay

    In the (usually) excellent Blogging at FL250, Sam attempts to defend the union system, arguing that the insanity that results from a system based entirely on seniority would be best fixed by just making the seniority list include the whole country. That strikes me as addressing a bad idea by simply trying the same bad […]

  • An airline I’d like to see

    (No parenting posts yet. I’m still getting my head around the idea that some poor kid has me as a father. So, I bring you another rant…) One phenomenon (of many) about modern culture that really confuses me is the success of budget airlines. Of all the things on which one might want to skimp, […]

  • Should we blame the pilot for the Buffalo crash, or bureaucrats and trial lawyers?

    Sometimes the only difference between anarchy and government regulation is paperwork. Recognizing this is helpful. Once you lose the blind faith, you realize that your safety is in your hands.

  • Boeing 777 time-lapse construction video

    This is a remarkable look at what goes in to making a Boeing 777. In four minutes. Much of the 777 is outsourced as entire sections, such as the vertical stabilizer, so a lot of what you see are the parts coming in off the docks and being maneuvered into Boeing’s massive hangar for final […]

  • Vintage technology: 757 flightdeck

    A picture of the flight deck of a 757 we got to play with (on the ground) after a class I took on cockpit automation. (Click on the picture for a larger version.) The 757 was developed in the late 70s, and its delivery customer in 1982 was Eastern Airlines. (Remember them?) I’m not certain, […]