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  • It’s a pity humans don’t come with digital audio inputs…

    I’d been having such a good time messing with GarageBand, that I decided to buy Logic Express, which is a watered down version of their professional music production software. It’s a remarkable tool. For about $300 you have what amounts to an unlimited rack of instruments at your disposal, including some really rare models of […]

  • The Mother of all Funk Chords

    This is pretty fantastic: It’s hard to stay mad at YouTube for too long when you find things like this.

  • Messing around with GarageBand

    I’ve been playing around with GarageBand on Michele’s Mac, and I think I may need to buy a one of the new MacBooks just so I can use this software. It quite literally puts a recording studio in your lap. Here is a riff on Bruce Hornsby, blatently stealing the chords from his song “Country […]