Category: Philosophy

  • Fifteen things I know about God

    I’m not a big fan of people who try to argue you into believing in God. Despite a long history of really tortured attempts at a so-called ontological argument for God, which usually involve some sort of lame circular logic along the lines of “something perfect wouldn’t fail to exist, so God must exist,” logic […]

  • Maybe “moral hazard” should be taken more literally

    In this whole mortgage mess, the phrase “moral hazard” comes up an awful lot. When capitalism gets out of line, I think it’s always tempting for capitalists to look at incentives, say they reward bad behavior, and then focus thereafter on the incentives as the problem. But aren’t there always incentives for bad behavior? Isn’t that the whole […]

  • How modern art can be so horrid

    I think the basis of the decline of visceral appeal in modern art of all types is the intellectuallization of something that can not, and should not, be treated as such. By replacing the true but inarticulable beauty of real art with the falsely eloquent self-referential theories of academic art, they broke it free from its only real basis: human reaction.