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  • Review: Harmon Kardon AVR 247 Receiver

    The sound quality is quite good, especially for an amp of this price point. However, this unit (and probably others in HK’s line, I imagine) has a flaw that will especially affect those users that rely on over-the-air TV (either digital or analog). Somehow, despite (and to the detriment of) their reputation, HK failed to effectively shield […]

  • Review: SanDisk Sansa e250 media player

    Forget about the video functionality. It crashes often, and even when it works it’s so small as to be pointless. But the sound is fantastic. Sound quality is a variable that’s often forgotten when shopping for MP3 players, but quite a variable it is from experience. This player has better sound than my ipod, and […]

  • Review: Etymotic ER6i in-ear headphones

    The company claims that if the bass seems weak, it’s because you don’t have them in right. However, I’ve used these for a long time and I’m pretty convinced these really are missing a lot of low end. They seal quite well in my ears, and do a fantastic job of noise isolation, but the bass […]

  • Review: Capresso Infinity burr grinder

    At first, I was very happy with this grinder. It does a great job of producing a uniform grind. But then I started to notice that the fineness of grind would slowly change as I went through several cups of coffee. With use, the accumulated coffee dust must either misalign the burrs or clog the […]