What is this mess?

I currently work at MIT. I have lots of opinions. If they stay inside my head, I’ll probably explode. It’s either this, or ranting to my wife. So, this will probably save my marriage. The benefit to you, however, is questionable.

There is no central theme. I write about anything that strikes me as potentially interesting. Hopefully, if you like some of the sames things I do (physics, economics, aviation, photography, computing, philosophy, music, politics) and I have a few good days here and there, you’ll find the occasional post interesting or maybe useful.

IWhen discussing politics I try to stick to pragmatic specifics, and will try to resist the temptation to turn everything into an overgeneralized partisan polemic. This will undoubtedly hurt my chances of gaining any readership, as I’ll probably offend everybody at some point, and won’t have the advantage of having labeled a Right Wing or Left Wing blog.

For the record, if I had to pick a political stance, I’d say I’m a radical moderate. I don’t think our country is in peril due to liberals or conservatives or the religious right (or the religious left). I think we’re fighting a force much more universal and sinister than any ideology: Entropy. Stability begets instability, empires grow complacent and fall, power corrupts, and democracy is always in danger of turning into a lazy tyranny of the majority.

Comments are always appreciated. Even just a simple, thoughtful “you suck” at the end of a post would make my day.

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  1. OK- The insult regarding the Yale Graduate was clearly aimed at me. If it makes you feel any better, my grade in organic chemistry almost prevented graduation.

    I promise to do better in the future.

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