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  • Problems with video resolution resetting after wake in Vista?

    Ah, the fun with Vista continues. For the longest, most infuriating time, my screen settings would completely reset after my Dell Latitude D620 laptop would come out of sleep. It appears that the problem was with the Intel integrated graphics drivers. Is that Microsoft’s fault for doing something dumb in Vista, or Intel’s fault? I […]

  • Vista firewall resetting after updates?

    My recommendation is to just turn it off and get a hardware firewall. Securing Windows by trusting the firewall made by Microsoft is like paying your dog to guard your cheese fort.

  • A cautionary tale for Vista users with automatic updates turned on

    Last night I left a long computation running on my Microsft Windows Vista machine at work. When I came in the next day, I found my computer restarted. It was just happily sitting there, blank faced, waiting innocently for me to do something as if nothing had happened. A little too innocently, if you ask […]

  • How to turn off automatic restart after updates on Vista

    After enjoying the satisfaction of being protected from harmful viruses by having Vista destroy more work in one badly timed restart than I’m likely to ever lose to a virus, I looked into how to fix this while still leaving automatic updates on. As usual with Microsoft products, there’s no problem that can’t be fixed […]