Fashion victims finally hit bottom

I’ve noticed (probably about two years later than the rest of the world, of course) that the latest in men’s fashion are printed designer t-shirts. Actually, I kind of like some of them, as fashion goes. Or did, rather, until I found out that people are paying $70 for a silk screened t-shirt. You know, the genre of clothing favored by little league t-ball teams all across the country? Apparently when you replace “Bob’s Rib Shack Temecula Valley Bluejays” with a skull and crossbones, the price goes up considerably. I can only imagine this is the result of a very cynical wager made over beers wine spritzers by two designers after work one day regarding who could get people to pay more for a t-shirt.

And that’s how we got this. The worst elements of the success of this trend is the fact that (a) about half the male population of the country is falling for this “designer t-shirt” scam and (b) they are legally allowed to vote in federal elections. I know some people will fault me for not understanding fashion, and in general I don’t, but I think it’s a self-evident truth that if somebody gets you to pay $70 for something that costs $4 to produce, you need to rethink your priorities. Especially if that thing can be had for $10 with equivalent function elsewhere. But god bless the fashion victims, because lord knows where our economy would be without them loading up their credit cards with four-color printed underwear at a 1200% markup.

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  1. Couple of things:

    ‘Affliction’ t-shirts are HUGE out here.

    There is a Facebook group called ‘Thanks to Ed Hardy I can now spot morons from very far away’. I joined and so should you.

    I got a couple of great shirts from Think Geek (and I DIDN’T pay $70 for them). Both feature multisided (D&D) dice. One says ‘Choose your weapon’ and the other says ‘The dice are trying to kill me’.


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