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  • Proof you’re a parent

    For some reason I decided to take a look at the top 50 most played songs on my iPod. Here they are, listed from 5 to 1. Rank Title Artist Number of Times Played 5. Many the Miles Sara Bareilles 66 4. Fireflies Owl City 67 3. The Wider Sun Jon Hopkins 81 2. Baby […]

  • Photos of Alex

    In case I haven’t mentioned it, a constantly (some might say obsessively) updated photo gallery of Alex is available at To keep Alex’s pictures out of nefarious hands, the site is password protected. The username is family, and the password is alexander. If you’d like to subscribe to the photos as a feed, you […]

  • Fashion victims finally hit bottom

    I’ve noticed (probably about two years later than the rest of the world, of course) that the latest in men’s fashion are printed designer t-shirts. Actually, I kind of like some of them, as fashion goes. Or did, rather, until I found out that people are paying $70 for a silk screened t-shirt. You know, […]

  • Stay Classy, New Jersey Juries

    The New Jersey district court finds it necessary to specifically inform potential jurors that they are not permitted to show up for jury duty in nylon track suits. Ah, Jersey…

  • A letter from legal has arrived for you, Alex

    Greenblatt & Goober, Attorneys September 14, 2009 Dear Baby Alexander, We are writing on behalf of our client, your father, Jonathan Birge. This is in followup to, and clarification of, the ad hoc verbal contract entered into by you and Dr. Birge during negotiations of the bedtime taking place on the evening of September 12th, […]

  • How to really oversell a lecture on a laser cutter

    In previous posts, I’ve talked about the pretention of a lot of modern art, and how most of the effort seems to go into technobabble rationalization of the art, and not the art itself. Well, somebody giving a lecture at the MIT School of Architecture has recently scaled new heights on the tower of babble: Architecture reimagines how humans inhabit the earth […]

  • Enough with the April Fool’s Day!

    Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon, but I hate hate hate April Fool’s Day. You have to put up with no end to stupid press releases from humorless company drones who think it’s the height of cleverness and wit to announce a fake product (oh, you got us again Google!), lame jokes from coworkers, fake news […]

  • Maybe there is something to astrology…

    With the impending birth of my first child coming up in late May, I decided to see if there was anything to astrology. I did a survey of famous people of substance whom I respect: Richard Feynman, Obama, John Adams, Einstein, Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, Margaret Thatcher, etc. It turns out they all, every single one of them, had […]

  • Weird dream

    So, my wife is now 22 weeks pregnant. A few nights ago I dreamt we were allowed, by some new medical advance, to have our baby taken out early so that we could have a little meet and greet, and then he’d have to be put back in to be born normally a few weeks later. When […]

  • Weird city

    This is one of the more amazing things I’ve ever seen a human do. I’m so glad that hyper-creative people like this guy exist on the planet. I’m equally glad I’m not inside this dude’s head… walking from blu on Vimeo.