Photos of Alex

In case I haven’t mentioned it, a constantly (some might say obsessively) updated photo gallery of Alex is available at

To keep Alex’s pictures out of nefarious hands, the site is password protected. The username is family, and the password is alexander. If you’d like to subscribe to the photos as a feed, you can do so at

7 responses to “Photos of Alex”

    • Thanks, Ken. That’s pretty much my favorite, too. He’s got a very good mischievous smile. Good thing for him, since he has plenty of chance to use it…

    • Yeah, I see what you mean. It looked ok on my linux monitor, which is one of those green energy efficient (read, dim as hell) monitors, but on my Mac it hurts. Sorry about the retinas, but thanks for checking out Alex’s photos. Your cones should debleach in about a week. Your night vision may never return, I’m afraid.

  1. Very cool, good-looking boy.

    I find I’m building such a massive archive of baby pictures and movies, I fear I’ll both run out of space and time to collate, compile, publish.

    By the way, I’m making it my duty to inform prospective dads of just how little sleep they’ll have until baby turns 6 months. No one told me *in adequate terms* (including you! mumble, mumble.)

    • Sorry. I was too tired to tell you. (And too tired to respond do you comment in a timely fashion, too, apparently.) The good news is you come out of it fairly soon. Alex just turned a year and he’s finally sleeping until 7:30 am, and it’s really made a difference. My wife and I are much happier now.

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